About Danta Capital

Danta Capital Partners is an independent investment management company focused on energy and infrastructure investments across the Americas. More specifically, Danta Capital provides equity investments to advance solar energy and electrification projects for the commercial and industrial sectors.

Danta Capital focuses on markets and regions that are highly susceptible to climate events and have a need for capital mobilization, such as Central America, the Caribbean, and certain markets and communities in the United States.

Danta Capital is headquartered in Miami, FL., with ample connectivity to Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States. Danta Capital takes its name from La Danta pyramid, considered one of the oldest existing structures of the pre-Columbian period. La Danta represents the strength and genius of a timeless construction and infrastructure.

Our Vision

Danta Capital’s vision is to have updated and reliable critical infrastructure across the Americas, especially in emerging markets and communities. Be a preferred equity partner for developers, sponsors, and project owners and be recognized in the communities we invest as a best employer with a positive impact.

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Our Mission

Danta Capital’s mission is to invest resources and provide robust management capabilities for critical infrastructure projects and focus on serving client needs to create long-term value, growth and risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Infrastructure Sectors

Danta Capital has expertise and supports the acceleration of projects in the following sectors:

Photovoltaic Projects

Commercial and industrial photovoltaic projects

EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations for individual vehicles and for fleets

Solar Canopy

Carport or Solar Canopy projects

Utility Scale

Utility Scale Solar Projects